With realtime insight into inflation’s impact on your pocketbook, Unflation helps you outsmart inflation.
Use AI to save money & fight back against Inflation
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How It Works?
Get AI tips on how to save money
Piggi, an artificial intelligence, can analyze your spending habits and provide tips on how to save up to $250 per month!
Instantly find and cancel Unwanted Subscriptions
With our app, you can easily track and manage your subscriptions to save money and cut back on unnecessary expenses!
Gain insights on your spending
Instantly gain insights on price changes at your favorite stores over the past month, six months, or year. Helping you make better informed choices.
Get inflation data on items you frequently buy
You can now see price changes on your most purchased products and get helpful hints on alternative products that skirt inflation.
Get your personalized Unflation score
Add cards you use to shop and see exactly how inflation is affecting you over time. Watch your score improve as you make better shopping choices.
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>100K users
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successfully fighting inflation
Your finances, safe and secure
We use bank-level security, 256-bit encryption, and optional two-factor authentication for added protection.
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